Our tailormade Workshops and Trainings helps students to Learn it by Doing which are conducted online or on-premise.

List of Workshop Programs

Basic Level

Arduino Programming

Basics of IoT using WIFI Module

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

Python and IoT


Advanced Arduino Programming

Advanced Programming with NodeMCU

10 Sensors 10 Projects

Exploring Raspberry Pi using Python

Exploring Communication Protocols - HTTP , WebSockets, MQTT, CoAP


IoT and Machine Learning Fundamentals

IoT and Blockchain Fundamentals

IoT and Artificial Intelligence

IoT and Robotics

Home Automation using Mozilla WebThings

IoT and Security


IoT Dashboard Creation using HTML and Javascript

Working with Mobile Sensors using Blynk App

Create RestAPI's for IoT Data using Nodejs

MQTT in Detail

IoT and Amazon/Google Cloud

PCB Designing

Basic Electronics

Integrate with Messenger / Telegram chat bot

Develop Alexa skill / Google Actions